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Welcome to Renee’s Dog Grooming in Orlando! A little bit about me: I graduated from the Central Florida School of Dog Grooming in 1992, and opened up Renee’s Dog Grooming in 1993. I am a certified Master Groomer with NDGAA. I have been a competition groomer for 9 years of my 23 years of grooming in the Conway & Curry Ford area and have received first place wins and first place group wins. This experience has helped me to develop an eye for detail, balance, scissoring and breed personality in my everyday grooming.

Renee's Dog Grooming

Whether it’s a hand scissor show cut, puppy cut, or short clipper cut, I will make your pet look their very best. My salon has state of the art equipment that was designed for the health, beauty and safety of your pet. I groom all dogs myself to provide a one on one personalized service and to ensure consistency of the quality of my grooming. This also allows me to have that special bond with your pets. I provide a stress free and fun place for your pet to visit. My goal is to educate my customers about what comprises a safe grooming process and to help you maintain your pet’s appearance in between dog grooming orlando appointments.

So come and join my family and let your pet experience why…

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We Use Only The Finest Equipment To Groom Your Pets!

HydroSurge Bathing System

The safest most therapeutic way to bathe your pet. This system allows the water and shampoo to pulsate through the coat, stimulating the top cell layers of the skin to release more dirt and hair than you can by hand. It also allows me to completely wet a full coated dog to the skin in about three minutes and allows me to see the condition of the skin as far as fleas, ticks and skin irritations. Reduces rinse time and is very beneficial for small to large dogs with skin conditions, arthritis, or muscle atrophy . Conditioners are more evenly distributed through the coat which helps to reduce shedding in large full and double coated breeds. It’s like a warm water massage for your dog(s).

Edemco Cage Dryer

This dryer is the safest way to dry your pets and can dry up to four dogs with dividers at one time or one big guy! Think of it as a pet sauna… they actually fall asleep because it is so quiet and soothing. The dryer is heat controlled by thermostat with a timer that automatically shuts it off in 15 minute increments so there is no chance of your dog overheating, and the dryer is always visible from anywhere in the shop. Because the excess water is removed from the coat before being placed in the dryer, dry time is reduced to 15 minutes or less on small and medium dogs; 30 minutes on large, full coated dogs.

Switch Blade UltraSonic Blade Kleener

During the grooming process, clipper blades collect all kinds of debris from pet hair and any residue from coolant sprays and disinfecting products. This alone puts a tremendous amount of stress on both my blades, clippers, and the pet I am grooming. Switch Blade provides the Orlando dog grooming industry with a unique process for cleaning clipper blades. Their Speedy Blade Kleener combined with Speedy Blade Wash is far more effective and faster than traditional methods and only takes about 1 1/2 minutes. Cleaning my blades with the Switch Blade greatly reduced the chance of passing bacteria from one dog to another. All of my dogs come out looking like velvet! Thank you, Derek, for thinking of the dog groomers!

Clipper Vac

Clipper Vac is the safest way to clipper cut your pet. A hose is attached to the clipper so while the clipper cuts the hair the excess is being vacuumed through the hose to a holding tank. The only hair you’ll ever see on my table is the hair I hand scissor off. Because the hair is lifted while cutting it makes the cut more even… no track marks or lines and the body looks smooth like velvet. How wonderful is that? My blades do not get hot with the Clipper Vac therefore less chance of clipper burns or nicks from a hot dull blade. My blades are then placed in a sonic cleaner to disinfect so that they are ready for the next pet to be groomed.

Ultralift 3-Side Splash

Our Ultralife 3-side Splash© elevating wash unit keeps your pet comfortable during the bathing stage of the grooming process. By incorporating this equipment into our processes, we are able to ensure your pet is as comfortable as possible through avoidance of awkward heavy-lifting during the wash. Additionally, our Orlando dog groomers experience significantly lower levels of back stress from bending and straining due to the unique adjustable levelers.

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